Virane Oralspring Eurokit

Virane Oralspring Eurokit with sonic electric toothbrush, vibrating flosser and bonus Professional Tooth Whitening Kit.
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Virane Oralspring Eurokit Special Offer European Kit. Final Stock! We are down to the last few hundred kits of the Virane Oralspring Eurokit manufactured for French speaking markets. These kits contain the same components as the DHI Sensitive Dental Care system, but packaged differently, and with French markings to meet the needs of our export business partners. We have of course added in the english user manual and our guide "Battle Plan for Perefect Oral Care"; As a special bonus we are also adding a Professional Tooth Whitening Kit with a value of over $39. You can save over 75% off the regular price of the elements in this special offer. But hurry, supplies are extremely limited. The system comes with the US instructions for use, and as a special bonus You will get the equivalent of the DHI Sensitive Dental Care System: The vibrating dental brush with intelligent retracting bristles for the most comfortable tooth brushing experience on the planet The vibrating dental flosser for complete dental care, especially between the teeth Plus the bonus Professional Tooth Whitening Kit A total value of almost $120 for only $39.95! Don’t hesitate; take advantage of this unique opportunity to get a premier dental care system today.
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