Tooth Whitening

Forget about slow and complicated drugstore products, or the expense of dental office whitening. DHI Sensitive Professional Whitening kits offer a complete and highly effective way to whiten teeth quickly in the comfort of your home. DHI Sensitive Professional Whitening kits cover all the bases:

  1. Tooth Surface Cleaning and touch up
    2. Dual-Arch Mouth Tray is easy and ready to use; no thermal forming necessary
    3. DHI Sensitive Professional whitening gel is a special 3rd generation Whitening gel with 22% Carbamide Peroxyde whitening agent for deep enamel penetration.
  2. In our flagship Professional Total Care Whitening System, the four elements of DHI Sensitive Professional Whitening work together as an unbeatable team to ensure the most comfortable, effective, and long lasting tooth whitening system available today.

But whether you need a quick solution for an upcoming event, or a complete whitening system for a deep long-lasting white smile, there is a perfect DHI Sensitive Professional Whitening Kit just for you.  Learn more about our range of tooth whitening kits:  

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