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Bristles of regular toothbrushes are stiffly mounted into the head of the toothbrush; they cannot adapt to the surface of your teeth without applying undue pressure. Our Sonic Powered Brush has bristles that are mounted on springs. When they encounter resistance, they retract, and in doing so get into tight spaces in teeth and even around braces for a complete and thorough cleaning, effortlessly and without excessive pressure on gums!

Rotating electric brushes may have difficulty getting into all the nooks and crannies of teeth and just seem to brush around the edges. The gentle vibrations of our sonic powered brush wiggle bristles into the tiniest of spaces, ensuring complete removal of food rests and plaque.

The vibrating action of the Sonic Powered Brush also powers a vibrating floss head, making it easy to clean between teeth as well.

The compact, battery operated Sonic Powered Brush goes where you go and is always ready to use. A hygienic cover keeps the brush clean, even when it is traveling in your pocket, and the perforated cleanstream brush head can be thoroughly cleaned after each use just by holding under running water.

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