The DioxiRinse range of mouth rinses is based on an exclusive patented technology to fight microorganism, bacteria, germs, virus, fungus, and more. With its unique two component design, mixing the two parts creates a powerful antimicrobial which can be tailored in strength to fit the specific application.

Here are just some of the features:

  • Kills all bacteria, virus and yeast in one minute in vitro
  • Removes bad breath immediately by oxidation and is not a masking agent
  • Bad breath originating in the mouth, throat and tongue is neutralized and removed. Only an oxidizing agent like DioxiRinse can accomplish this.
  • Effervescent formula penetrates gums, between the teeth, and around braces where bacteria hide
  • Does not stain teeth and actually helps remove stains and biofilm
  • Relieves colds and sore throats
  • Used before and after implants and extractions
  • Used post laser perio-therapy
  • Soothes irritation of oral┬ámucositis
  • Periodontists recommend chlorine dioxide mouthwash for infected gums
  • An excellent pre-cleaner before tooth brushing or dental procedures
  • Is soothing and alleviates mouth irritations, such as canker sores or from orthodontic appliances
  • May be used to keep your toothbrush fresh and germ free and to clean dentures and orthodontic appliances
  • Has a fresh mint taste, and gentle enough to use every day
  • DioxiRinse chlorine dioxide mouthwash, in combination with DioxiBrite(TM) chlorine dioxide Toothpaste, provide optimum effectiveness and complete oral hygiene.

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