Sensitive Teeth

Most pain issues relate to gums or dental soft tissue and are due to bacterial activity in perio pockets. An indirect result of bacterial activity is gum recession and the ensuing exposure of tooth roots. Teeth are composed of a relatively soft substance called dentine, which has many tiny perforations (“tubules”). The tooth is covered with a very hard substance called “enamel” in the commonly exposed areas. When gums recede due to bacteria, but also aggressive brushing or simply old age, tooth roots are exposed. These exposed roots connect directly to the nerve inside the tooth, and transmit pain when you eat hot or cold food or even sugary foods. The dentist has a number of options to reduce the pain, such as using a kind of varnish to cover up the dentin, but the effect is temporary and pain soon sets in again.

Products in this category provide temporary relief from tooth pain.

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