Sensitive Gums

Gum disease can cause gum swelling, bleeding and can lead to painful gums. Frequently, brushing becomes a painful experience, and more often than not, people invariably reduce their tooth brushing routine down to a bare minimum, with obvious consequences for cleaning quality. This is a vicious circle: the less you clean, the more plaque can accumulate and cause irritations leading to sensitive gums.

Your dentist may decide to treat hard deposits on teeth at the gum line with a deep cleaning procedure called “SRP” (Scaling and Root Planing), in which he essentially scrapes the deposits off the tooth roots below the gums. This procedure often leaves the patient with sore and bleeding gums for one or several days.

You will find products in this category to help clean highly sensitive gums, reduce sensitivity and control microorganisms in the mouth during the healing process.

Products for Sensitive Gums

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