Receding Gums

Perhaps the most marked effect of prolonged gum disease is the deterioration of gum tissue, visible when gums become thin and red and start receding. This is frequently the sign of an active infection in perio pockets. Brushing or mouth rinse often no longer has the desired effect, because the bacteria are attacking gum tissue below the gum line, out of reach of classic tooth cleaning aids. The dentist’s solution is frequently SRP (scaling and root planing) a fairly invasive procedure with extended post-op discomfort. And the only viable option for aesthetic improvement is gum grafting, a procedure in which the dentist removes a small piece of soft tissue from the roof of the mouth and sews it onto the gums.

Gums that have been ravaged by gum disease for any length of time become more and more deficient in CoEnzyme Q10, an essential element of tissue growth and energy production. Studies have shown that providing CoQ10 to gums may help in reconditioning gums and support the healing process.

Products in this category provide essential nutrients to gums, and help in the protections and maintenance of gums.

Products for Receding Gums

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