Dental Health Challenges


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Product Categories

  • Anti-Microbial Mouthrinse: DioxiRinse

    Anti-Microbial Mouthrinse

  • Anti-Microbial Toothpaste: DioxiBrite

    Anti-Microbial Toothpaste

  • CoQ10 Gum Gels: PerioExcel

    CoQ10 Gum Gels

  • Specials & Kits: Perio Kit, etc

    Specials & Kits
    Perio Kit, etc

  • Tooth Sensitivity: DioxiCare

    Tooth Sensitivity

  • Therapeutic aids: Penetrator, Trays

    Therapeutic aids
    Penetrator, Trays

  • Cancer Sores: Cankers Away

    Cancer Sores
    Cankers Away

  • Tooth whitening: Sensitive, Speed, and Pro

    Tooth whitening
    Sensitive, Speed, and Pro

  • Manual Oral Cleaning: Brush & Scrape

    Manual Oral Cleaning
    Brush & Scrape

  • Sonic Powered Toothbrush: SDC and Orthosonic

    Sonic Powered Toothbrush
    SDC and Orthosonic

  • Value Packs: Dioxirinse, DioxiBrite

    Value Packs
    Dioxirinse, DioxiBrite

  • Dental Literature: Oral Care Guide

    Dental Literature
    Oral Care Guide

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